The Company

DueDá is an Italian based company and was born from the collaboration of two artists: Stevie Boyd, Irish aerial acrobat, and Italian Giada Negroni, dancer and choreographer.

Stevie and Giada met at Teatro Alla Scala during A Dog’s Heart opera production, directed by Simon Mc Burney; working together they had the chance to get to know each other and appreciate each other’s work. After this common work experience, they informally create the duo in 2014.

DueDá Company wishes to create a constant and fluid dialogue between dance, theatre and circus arts. The objective is to unite the technical elements and expressivity of contemporary circus with the evocative power and the tradition of dance and theatre. The acrobatic performance will not be an athletic movement just for the sake of it, but will be an integral part of the theatrical work, completing it and having its own specific dramaturgical significance.

The name of the company DueDá derives from the word “two”: Due is two in Italian and is two in Irish. The artists chose this name because they think it is the best way to describe their artistic drive: two different art forms, two genres, two cultures coming together to create. Two words: DueDá Company.