Diverged, delicious combination of acrobatics and dance


The DueDa company submerges us into the depths of the person and shows us her two sides


by Maria José Noguiera

PRO: choreography and interpretation

AGAINST: nothing

Two sides of the same coin. It ‘s the way the Duedà company has chosen to call the person who give birth in the piece Diverged. We are so, good and bad, sad and cheerful, selfless and miserable. Following in the footsteps of Stephen Boyd and Giada Negroni, we dive into the depths of a person, where they hide these two parties who alternate and coexist in all of us, sometimes visible, sometimes latent.

Instinct and logic. How many times are we victims of the confrontation that both celebrate, with no way out, within us? The logic so earthly and terrestrial, glued to the circumstances and to the certainties and instinct so volatile and ethereal, perfect victim Suicides opportunities.

Diverged tells exactly the story that promises to tell – this duality within each person – it is surprising the way that is chosen to tell it. It remarks the domain that both artists have of the means they used, adding even a good interpretation. They two, facing each other, one reflected in the other, they dance in unison. Who is real and who is the mirror? The homogeneity of movement, it should be ‘transformed, moving away, struggling for this rope that symbolize the passage from earth to heaven, from instinct logic.

Both artists are good at their style, dominate it- one acrobat, she dancer – though both make inroads into the other’s style to show that there is not a limit, if not interaction and fusion between the two, hybridization of itsmeans and know how to make a something whose result is a wonderful mix of air and land movements.

The technique of each of the two if separated is impeccable, whether whole is extremely interesting, attractive and penetrating. A hanging man, hanging from rope, with no hands, with a lighthouse that leads him to be the focus of our attention. The other attached to the ground, sweeping the floor with feet, shoulders, arms and head, are linked gradually to get to be both detached from the soil and perched as if finally the communication between the two had come to a good port.

The choreography is interesting, complete, original and risky. The lighting design accompanies and emphasize the dramatic moments. The music fits perfectly and adds.


Heading towards the final stretch of Journey to the Center of Dance in Negra room of Teatros Canal, we find an original proposal that combines acrobatics and contemporary dance to stage the two sides of a coin that coexist in all of us. DueDá succeeds in this proposal in every way. This cycle allows us to see the best expressions of different outputs dance styles Dance Canal Center.


Score: 9/10

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